Version 5.2 (git 7120a77)

user meta data admin form fix (notification email settings)
css fix when message & notify icons overlap the logo
chrome autocomplete bug on password fields
date int. translate months
no user notice fix
fresh current user data added / db instead of session
modals fix - escape close, tabindex

Version 5.1 (git 507cfb2)

ajax profile load (Load more...)
block user on mentions
youtube script moved to the bottom
no redirects on API call
self follow fix
delete hidden images fix
invalid width / height on img resample fix
power lobby php notice fix
image size/ memory validation improved
safeval increased for images memory
avatar h/w css fix (profile search screen)

Version 5.0 (git 3f79044)

db read and write splits for replication More info...
optional dedicated session server More info...
db & query optimizations
profile search improved and optimized
search filters added for users, groups and pages
offset instead of pagination when searching profiles
post fetch limit (back in history) added
single profile partial (profile_stripe.phtml) with meta-data included
blocking users feature added (under report user)
liked pages on profile
people liked on pages
bigger avatars on profile lists
smaller cover images added
abstract models added
message fix: hidden users removed
comments count
quick follow actions on connections controller
clickablelinks: ref='nofollow' on outbound links
power lobby: optimized, liked pages removed

Version 4.3 (git 27c037d)

hook_api_preoutput new hook
json response for API logins
language logic added to API
form actions added to API
disable csrf protection, new setting
hide non-users in chat sidebar box
csrf removed from bg image

Version 4.2 (git 9c9a9fb)

API endpoint (go to settings/api to enable this feature)
Post loading optimization - paging without discarding records with limit a, b
Maximum fetches on infinite scroll / option depreciated
checkbox and other css fixes

new feed offset explained:
first page feed_offset=6030
next page = feed_offset=5872
next page = and so on...

Version 4.1 (git c68cfe1)

power lobby update - on/off settings for each box
background overriding fix
css fixes
modal edit window set to static (don't close on click-away)
connection model php notice bugfix
log file rotation on 5MB
csrf protection removed for profile/cover image
remove big avatar image on user delete
sharing post privacy fixed
js share modal clear on load

Version 4.0 (git ce4b098)

avatar size settings
cover size settings
avatar images updated
auto-hide like popover
image memory leak fix
win\tmp permission fix for IIS servers (godaddy and such)
striptags added to network name
message limit + bugfix
better notification popup css
auto-hiding comments fix
meta post update - no_content_edit / no_privacy_edit
chat double msg fix
twitter bootstrap updated to 3.3.1
ZF Security patches: ZF2014-05, ZF2014-06

New Hooks
hook_like $resource
hook_unlike $resource
hook_follow $resource
hook_unfollow $resource
hook_joingroup $resource
hook_leavegroup $resource
hook_connection_created $resource
hook_connection_removed $resource
hook_profile_view $resource
hook_image_upload $resource
hook_profile_picture_update $profile_id
hook_cover_picture_update $profile_id
hook_background_update $profile_id
hook_firsttimelogin $profile_id
hook_login $profile_id
hook_beforelogout $profile_id
hook_afterlogout $profile_id
hook_shareposttowall $post_id
hook_email_prepare $resource
hook_email_sent $resource

Version 3.0 (git c13d849)

new private messaging system w/ chat
important database query optimization
notifications improved - more text
page/group admins can delete wall content,
page admin comment displayed as a page itself
load more on 10+ comments
magic quotes disable fn
image check - compatibility improved
share simplified
"Error - not permitted" fix
PM reply private fix
navbar-brand wrapped into h1
open group post privacy fix
img compression rate set to 75 (jpeg default)
notification link fix (resource not available default avatar, s3)
images sidebar box removed for faster loading
trigger post loading earlier
youtube https fix
facebook login/share addon removed from default install
image share removed
basic invitation addon removed in favor of better invites
ogtags merged into the core
hashtag addon - mentioned fix
progress cursor, css fixes
themepack removed
powerlobby addon improved
network description added
redirect fix on group/page image upload
better menu for groups/pages
layout conflict detector added
better caching/logging
Zend security patch (

New Hooks:
hook_view_post_before_content $post
hook_view_post_after_content $post
hook_view_comment_before_content $comment
hook_view_comment_after_content $comment

Version 2.1 (git 5e1e08c)

hashtags addon fix, whitespace missing
session handling improved, isset warning fixed
open groups added to followers feed
bugfix: background not shown on profile/images
My Groups/Pages added to the top menu
invitation form flush on submit added
comments trimmed to 10 per resource, all shown on a singe post/image
gd image validation added, much better image handling
storage limits per user introduced
resend activation email added
better and more compatible .htaccess
emotions fix

Version 2.0 (git 4c439b0)

jQuery updated 1.7.2 – 1.11.1
youtube addon updated – text + video allowed
clickable links improved and updated
who can contact me privacy added
disable ajax validator admin settings added
javascript heartbeat hook added
green progress bar on file upload finish
default admin section changed to general
bugfix: sharing of public posts when user is private
form fix – max height
dots ’...’ removed from long posts
share bugfix – resource not available on offset pages
all custom inputs from setting disabled in safe mode
comments limit 30 removed
bugfix: reports locked after user is removed
bugfix: background not showing on direct-post links
fileupload resample fix on album upload
yet another hashtag utf8 fix
faster index.php on production environment
better default language handling
random number generator fixed to fit int size
share via email – url added to the body
two sample games removed (free addon available instead)

Version 1.10 (git 5a902f0)

sharing fixed per user requests – original author and comments preserved
notifications added for mentions in posts/comments
simple mentions link added to the search page
posts from pages you like are now shown on your timeline
messaging improved – delete buttons added for inbox/sent
like popover upgraded with clickable links, popover fixed
hashtags hotfix session management improved, some bots removed
yearspan fixed
SEO fix: rel=”prev” and rel=”next” links added to the head
new hooks: hook_data_notificationsfix hook_data_aftersavepost hook_data_aftersavecomment

Version 1.9 (git 28548ec)

security update
confirmation form added
like order changed
language file update
common javascript update
layout improvement

Version 1.8 (git 432aeb7)

share posts and images on your wall (re-post)
global caching mechanism added (file, apc, memcached)
caching added for powerlobby add-on
groups and pages feature can be enabled/disabled separately
usertags merged into hashtags +improved and fixed
Bootstrap updated v3.0.2 – v3.1.1
admin “security off” notice removed
default robots.txt added
top menu bug-fix
comment double enter bug-fix
hidden profiles – edit image bug-fix

Version 1.7 (git c0c8ef0)

SEO fix: a href added to share btns (no js)
SEO fix: infinite scroll links for bots added
SEO fix: rel prev/next added to pagination
background fix for groups & pages
background img removed for mobile users
like spinner lag fix
fb button lag on error fix
toggle message status old/new
infinite scroll post load fix

Version 1.6 (git 8b70f05)

edit posts and comments moved to nice ajax modal
lighter and faster DOM – reports moved to ajax
new image and gallery layout
head version added for static css & js files (no need for browser’s refresh on future updates)
admin background fix;notification gc improvement

Version 1.5 (git db95d6e)

user fields easier to extend with an addon
option to allow custom background images for all profiles
infinite scroll added to search
infinite scroll limit config added for admin
db metadata cache introduced
speed/load improvements
spinner added to cover/profile image load
strpTags added to all forms
more js events subscriptionis
css fixes, topmenu fix for mobile
new hook hook_data_prefixfetchposts
popular group/pages links to search
smaller pagination (mobile friendly)
notification garbage collector (auto delete on 1 week old)
db mysqli fallback adapter added
pm notification email fix
remove user avatar, cover and background on user delete

Version 1.4 (git e71b8e8)

admin settings added
chars count limit for posts/comments
open graph tags added
posts fetch logic fix – private removed (sql)
user can edit their own comments
read & bottom anchor elements
auto-subscribe to groups
html tags/attributes not allowed in posts (addon can override this)
regexp fix in addons, dash escaped
new hook – hook_data_postfetchposts
new hook – pre/post user register
‘activatd’ fix on disabled activation
recaptcha forced to use https
youtube https fix
docs updated
mobile layout fixed
en lang update

Version 1.3 (git: 2ca8f5d)

Some improvements & fixes: layout improvements
image too big notice
links open in new window
badges for pages/groups
user activation can be disabled
facebook addon fix
lang spec in body so it can be cssed
admin cannot delete comments bugfix
user can report own group/page fix
change password fix
mobile notification fixed
better search, full utf8 support
search all posts link on timeline
resource not available avatar fix
fb share image fix
post images resample fix
youtube addon improved
error controller improved

Version 1.2 (git: b62e300)

italian language file removed
layout improved

Version 1.1 (git: a0020e4)

- bug-fix when creating group/page with username that is already taken
- small language file fixes
- update instruction included in updates/ folder

Version 1.0 (git: 34903e2)

Initial release, jan 2014


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