Version 5.0 - Five Star Tuning

by: alcalbg date: 02/05/2015

SocialStrap has been officially updated to version 5.0. To download the latest update please login as admin to your SocialStrap network, go to Settings -> Script info and simply click on 'Check for updates' button

Engineered with performance tuning in mind

In order to satisfy growing communities built with SocialStrap platform a new approach has been used while building this update. Development machine has been loaded with a real-life database which contains over 150.000 users, their images, connections and likes, over 100k posts and 50k comments.

Some bottlenecks were immediately recognized on a weak hp notebook. Others were hidden, difficult to find and there were also specific performance problems like the one when a single profile has over 2000 followers.

The main goal of this update was to fully optimize the script and to introduce powerful scaling technologies so that your network can freely grow and acquire millions of happy users while keeping your hosting bill at minimum. The end result was amazing - a single notebook computer was powerful enough to run a fully fledged social network without browsing or database lags.

Profile Search Improved

Searching for profiles is now faster and better-looking. You can even include your own custom fields to search form using our free addon called 'Custom Fields v2.0'.

If you want to change the look of a single profile box there are good news - layout has been updated to support a single profile template file across all pages with multiple profiles: partial/profile_stripe.phtml

Better API endpoint

Native API has been recently introduced in SocialStrap and we are constantly working closely with developers to extend and improve this powerful feature. With this update you will get more verbose API output on multiple profile pages including meta_data for each profile.

We are soon expecting more 3rd party products (Mobile Apps, RSS feeds, Chat solutions) connected to our platform via API endpoint. Check out our community pages for more info about addons and extensions.


db read and write splits for replication
optional dedicated session server
db & query optimizations
profile search improved and optimized
search filters added for users, groups and pages
offset instead of pagination when searching profiles
post fetch limit (back in history) added
single profile partial (profile_stripe.phtml) with meta-data included
blocking users feature added (under report user)
liked pages on profile
people liked on pages
bigger avatars on profile lists
smaller cover images added
abstract models added
message fix: hidden users removed
comments count
quick follow actions on connections controller
clickablelinks: ref='nofollow' on outbound links
power lobby: optimized, liked pages removed


We partnered with 2Checkout because of its proven success in processing billions of dollars in transactions, its focus on security, and its global reach.

Support & Help

If you need more info or our support please send an email to and we will get back to you.



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