Version 4.0 released

by: alcalbg date: 11/15/2014

SocialStrap script has been officially updated to v4.0. The latest #Version contains many new features and development hooks so major version number has advanced to 4.

What is new?

- avatar size settings
-cover size settings
- avatar images updated
- auto-hide like popover
- image memory leak fix
- win\tmp permission fix for IIS servers (godaddy and such)
- striptags added to network name
- message limit + bugfix
- better notification popup css
- auto-hiding comments fix
- meta post update - no_content_edit / no_privacy_edit
- chat double msg fix
- twitter bootstrap updated to 3.3.1
- ZF Security patches: ZF2014-05, ZF2014-06

New development tools:

More hooks means even more useful addons! Developers can now create event-driven auto posts like when user change his/her avatar, when friendships are created on birthdays etc,

There are two post meta flags introduced "no_content_edit" and "no_privacy_edit". If post is saved with this post_meta records, user will not be able to edit content and/or privacy later on. This can be used when creating auto-posts (posts created by the system on user's behalf) to prevent user from editing auto-generated content.

Please visit @addonsgroup for example addons and our wiki page for more info and tutorials.

New hooks since v4.0:

hook_like $resource
hook_unlike $resource
hook_follow $resource
hook_unfollow $resource
hook_joingroup $resource
hook_leavegroup $resource
hook_connection_created $resource
hook_connection_removed $resource
hook_profile_view $resource
hook_image_upload $resource
hook_profile_picture_update $profile_id
hook_cover_picture_update $profile_id
hook_background_update $profile_id
hook_firsttimelogin $profile_id
hook_login $profile_id
hook_beforelogout $profile_id
hook_afterlogout $profile_id
hook_shareposttowall $post_id
hook_email_prepare $resource
hook_email_sent $resource


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