Version 2.1 released

by: alcalbg date: 06/19/2014

We have been working very hard to improve SocialStrap platform and to fix reported bugs, so today, we have officially released the new version 2.1

If you have already purchased SocialStrap you can download the updated version from  here

What is new?

- hashtags addon fix, whitespace missing
- session handling improved, isset warning fixed
- open groups added to followers feed
- bugfix: background not shown on profile/images
- My Groups/Pages added to the top menu
- invitation form flush on submit added
- comments trimmed to 10 per resource, all shown on a singe post/image
- gd image validation added, much better image handling
- storage limits per user introduced
- resend activation email added
- better and more compatible .htaccess
- emotions fix           

New storage limits explained:

With v2.1 you can set upload limits per user. This can be done in Settings -> File storage

As you can see in this article: there are two options:

Max files per user
Maximum number of images allowed for user to upload (0 = unlimited, applies to 'user' role only)

Max storage space per user (in bytes)
Maximum storage space for all images combined (0 = unlimited, applies to 'user' role only)

New resend activation email feature explained:

When user register his account for the first time he will got the usual go-check-your-inbox message and a new "Click here to resend the activation email" notice.
This notice will also be shown if non-activated user tries to log in.

To avoid abuse user will be able to resend one email per hour. 

New comment trimming system explained:

Version 2.1 handles user comments in much better way. When there is more that 10 comments older comments will be marked as hidden. This means that:

- Older comments (10+) will not be shown on feed pages like timeline, all posts, search etc. This make DOM much lighter and faster.
- Older comments will be available if you go to a single-post page, example:
- Notification link (user posted a new comment) leads to a single-post page and therefore all comments will be available here.
- Users involved in a discussion will not be notified of a new comment if their latest comment falls under hidden comments. Example: you commented on some post but you loose your interest and you stopped commenting - this probably means that you don't want to be notified hundreds of times if this post become popular. However, if you decide to join this discussion again, notification will start to appear until your comment is marked as hidden again.

If you want to tweak this for some reason you can do that in app/core/models/Comments.php search for $maxlimit = 10


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