Friends & Followers

SocialStrap has a superior follow + friends system that actually works! Users can finally manage their relationships in most natural way.

Groups & Pages

Users can create groups to share their common interests and pages for entities like celebrities, businesses or brands.

Images & Albums

Uploading and managing images is very important aspect of every social network. Users will love albums and features like crop and rotate.

Mobile Friendly

Responsive Bootstrap3 layout will look good on every device. Modern layout and MVC pattern will be easy to work with when it comes to customization.


Easily add more features to your network. Add­on system allows developers to customize and extending almost any aspect of the SocialStrap script.

Scalable Technology

You can start small and grow all the way up using scalable technology: Zend, SMTP, Amazon S3, PDO, Caching, DB Sessions and much more.

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Here's what our customers say

SocialStrap is a great tool for anyone looking to build a new social media website. The community of webmasters is strong, and there are a lot of great new addons, mods and guides that allow anyone to have great customization to their SocialStrap site. I have tried many different engines, and this one is the most comprehensive and the most supportive out there.

Richard Evans

Great job. I recommend this script. It is a very well done, with many options, clean and well designed script.

alexdared, Europe

Very well done! Looking forward to future addons. Wish for more apps like this made with Zend feat. Bootstrap. Keep up the good work.



You can also try our Live Preview. No email is required.

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Support & Help

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